Thursday, February 17, 2011

Enquirer Picks On Steve Jobs

On one hand, I have to say that even if it's true, it's like Mike said. I've had relatives in for cancer treatment, and each time, the end result was 'cancer-free'. However, those people still see cancer treatment specialists for check-ups. Cancer is a thing where, once you get it, you get checked in on for the rest of your life. That's the only way there is to learn anything about it.

On the other hand, I do actually believe this one is bogus, for a number of reasons.

A) When have we ever seen Steve wear a button down? I'm not saying mock-turtlenecks are all the man has, but I've yet to ever see him in a button down anything. Not even a full button down suit.

B) In the picture on the left, look at his hair. Steve has always had very short salt-&-pepper hair. The person in this picture has a rather long little tuft of hair flapping in the breeze. Let's remember that he had cancer. The last thing that would happen is a sudden burst of hair growth.

C) In the picture where his hand is circled (for who knows what reason) he's leaning up against a car. Unless he stepped off a curb, stumbled, and caught himself, I don't think he'd just lean up against a car. A car which certainly does not have a Mercedes-Benz tail light.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So, Intel Is Building MacBook Pros Now

Let me make my triumphant return by explaining something about the above image that's sparked my interest.

It's not a Mac.... Well... Anymore. Here's why.

First off, see that glaring reflection on the screen, coming from the top right and going diagonal to bottom left? I challenge you to find an image of a Mac, of any sort, that DOESN'T have that exact same glare. It's identical to Apple's stock computer desktop images.

However, going across like that, they would have had to edit the entire image to depict the new screen. Would they go through all that trouble?

Second, the top left of that window with the car, you see that? On the very top left, are window controls functions. Where have we all seen those? They're the little traffic-light-looking-icons that represent the Close / Minimize / Expand functions of any single application on the Mac. Albeit small, you can certainly make them out. Even if you're one of the few that can't, there's no disputing that they're on the top left, and not top right, like any Windows computer would be.

However, the interface of that open window isn't exactly the spitting image of any Mac application that I've ever seen.

Third, on the main desktop of the computer, take a look at the bottom right. There's a little volume slider. You can tell it's a volume slider because of the icons on either side of it, and the color of the bar (and even the way the slider itself is) seems to resemble the iPhone volume sliders of the iOS.

However, that's one of the easier potential Photoshops on the page, if you really want to dispute it.

Fourth, is on that little window with the surfer off to the right. Nothing in particular I guess. It's just a little window of a program. That little surfer with the yellow board has been somewhere else, though.

However, does it not look similar to the new iMovie?

Fifth, I have to note the machine itself. As we can see, it's black. You're thinking, Apple hasn't offered a black computer since the black plastic MacBook. To take it a step further, if you want to compare screen sizes, it looks like more of a 16:10 ratio than 16:9. Let's just compare it to the available laptops... Looks a bit different. It's also shockingly thin if it's smaller than the MacBook Air since it has less of a tapered edge.

However, if you take a silver Apple laptop, and put it up against a white background, perhaps the easiest thing to do is to simply darken the image so much that it looks black. Something I do to my own pictures on occasion.

However, that can be construed completely wrong, and that's a story for another day.

Back to the Mac...

It's up to you to decide. Is Intel the culprit that should be locked up for leaking a new or redesigned Mac, or is it just the best mash-up of available laptops we've ever seen for a generic ad? Something to think about.

I always did say that Apple didn't change their own website for nothing. They darkened the color of their navigation bar, among adding some other effects. The color before was oddly close to their signature anodized aluminum unibodies. Someone didn't just go in and change that color without reason.

LiquidMetal has been rising in Apple's eyes, and maybe it's become the apple of their own eyes.