Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson, The King of Pop, Is Gone

I'll be entirely honest up front - did I like his music? No, not at all. I'm a country and hard rock kind of guy.

Still, even someone such as myself can't deny the mark that this crotch grabbing spinning squeaking dancer left on the world, and I mean that in the way that you all know that's how the guy danced.

Back in the day, when the world was full of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley recordings, and it was supposedly the music of the devil, no one would have thought that a small group of african american entertainers from nowhere would surprise the world with a talent like no other. I still think, in a way, no one believes that really happened. It's what adds to the mystery and majesty that makes Michael one of the worlds most notable music acts of all time.

In two weeks the guy was supposed to be embarking on his world tour that would be both the comeback of the King, and the grand finale to his fans. Who knew that not even starting the tour would propel him to 7 of the top 10 spots on the iTunes store today? Given it was for the wrong reasons, his popularity has soared again, and if it's a little to late for him to see how big he really is 20 years after his peak of greatness, the status he maintains without even trying is remarkable.

Yesterday afternoon, he was found collapsed in his rented home - perhaps the most unlikely cap to his mountain of debt is that he didn't even get to keep his famed Neverland ranch. He was rushed by paramedics to the hospital in a deep coma, for almost up to two hours. Attempts to revive him were obviously unsuccessful, and that's the story. Nothing dramatic or huge, and probably the most ironic is just how subtle it all was. No frantic rush from hundreds of thousands of guards or police - just a report that he was hospitalized when he met the ambulance.

After reports from many that he was so strained and frail from the demands of the upcoming tour, I suppose that the lifestyle he led as of late leaves no surprise that things would come to a close, but no one expected it to end like this. The media circus that blew things out of proportion, and strange antics such as baby dangling, monkey befriending, and child masking were all just pages in a series of many books that told the story of a performer that we will probably never get the end of, in more ways than one.

As a side note, yes, It was admittedly difficult to get through that without saying the word "touch" or referring to "Beat It", but this is one post that deserved a lack of sarcasm. Peace, M.J.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In The Face - In. The. FACE.

So a 72 year old grandmother got tased in the face. Funny right? Well it wasn't literally in the face, and it wasn't all that funny. At least to the family, and some thinking the officer stepped over the line.

Later, the same news channel released a follow-up story, settling the conflict between the he said / she said.

However, now that the dashboard camera recording of the entire thing hit the Today Show, after she said it was all lies, Granny shut her mouth, and refuses to say anything at all.

He can be clearly seen shoving the woman, and it's debatable that he was just being a typical cop with the "Can't Touch This" MC Hammer-tude, but it's also debatable that he was getting the stubborn great grandmother off the highway.

Personally, and obviously, I think she had it coming. How many old people do you know that just... won't... listen... At 72, would you? What's the worst that could happen?

A taser shot is probably far off your mind. It wasn't on this woman's - she is even recorded saying "I dare you", and I would have done the same thing as the cop after that. It went on for what seemed like forever. She was given too many chances, and he was too generous. I would have tased her from the start, partly in fun after she swore at me the first time.

Over the line, or right on target? You be the judge. I personally think the target was spot on, but that's probably just because she wasn't one to run marathons.

I also personally think that people working on YouTube videos should avoid dubbing Vista error sounds into the video, but that's just me.

Monday, June 8, 2009

WWDC 2009 Predictions

So as my ritual goes, what's going down at WWDC you ask? Well let's see.

I have to say it will be not the launch, but the announcement of the new iPhone 3G. Off to a bang, eh?

Well, aside from the ultimately important Voice Recorder App, I believe we'll finally be seeing when we'll be getting the Push service we've waited a year for, and we will get an in depth look at iPhone OS 3.0 on the new device.

Another definite will be an update on Snow Leopard, and if not only a demo, we may even get a release date.

What else besides that? Schiller will have to touch on when Steve will be coming back. Yes. Steve is an announcement.

There is going to be a new product, but it is likely to be saved for a separate keynote hosted by Steve Jobs when he returns, and more than likely, it will be the kickoff keynote to his return.

There you have it. The future, as told by Skippy.

Enjoy the keynote tomorrow at 1!

Rather... today. It's the AM now. Crazy.

Ah... Underlining...

Monday, June 1, 2009

General Motors: All Up In The Air

Ladies and gentlemen, as I type this, Obama is talking to me. Yes, me. Through means of broadcast. General Motors is now officially in bankruptcy.


The company as of now is a mere $172 in debt. Not dollars. Not thousands of dollars. Not even millions of dollars.


GM is $172 billion dollars in debt. Billion. Billion... With a B.

Chrysler has also successfully been approved to merge with Italian automaker FIAT.


Italy already knows how to make small good cars that last a long time. My saucy compadres can finally teach my American brethren how the hell to squeeze an eco-mobile in between the Dodge Ram and Chrysler 300. It IS possible, and it WILL happen.

So long as nothing touches the status of the Dodge Challenger, lest people may die.

Soon, world, we may see some better means of transportation. Better than a muscle car, no, but more fuel efficient and more importantly, Italian, hell yes.

We just need to all have a little faith. Like that guy building that Corvette in the picture, wearing a Rusty Wallace #2 Ford shirt. Yeah. Like him.

Until Obama gives us more words of hope, keep on truckin' America.


Keep on... Priusin'.

Ew. Bad taste.