Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Published on May 13th?

Are you serious? I have some fucking work to do. Just great.

Where do I even start?

Dale Jr's spectacular crown on his official 2 year winless streak thanks to some punk kid?


The rumors of the 3G iPhone - no, no... the Apple Tablet that's been rumored too?

No, that would be like a re-hash of everything Fake Steve's done to death like Charles Manson's parole hearings. Isn't he dead yet?

I don't even know. Vista is loaded down with more problems than I've wanted to admit, and I'm now in the market for Airport Extreme so I can bring iBook back into this era. Those are a few updates in my world.

3 Doors Down and the Green Day side project Foxboro Hot Tubs both released their albums last Tuesday. 3 Doors Down has outdone themselves and it's a great album. Best Buy offers 2 extra tracks that are both great, and Walmart offers a DVD with interviews and such.

The Foxboro Hot Tubs album isn't bad at all either. It's packaged like a vinyl album, complete with realistic vinyl graphics and little paper sleeve providing the most advanced protection that today's paper can offer. It has a sound much like The Kinks, and it's worth it if you're into the retro punk unclean kind of sound.

Obama still can't crush Hillary, who keeps coming back like the Scream character, or Batman. She just won't stay down when she's shoved into a pool full of odds and ends. Personally, after all of this, I'm starting to hope she'll make it just to prove Obama supporters wrong - who I've found out are just as annoying as Windows users, and I don't quite know how this happened.

I finally accomplished some great promotion as well. MacRumors just posted an article on a 256GB SSD for the MacBook Air. It's still unclear if it will even fit in the Air, so yeah, it's not too certain and kind of open, but it's a possibility that slightly kinda sorta maybe it could perhaps work.

Just like Decision 08, or McLovin.

Oh yeah, that reminds me - The Big Lebowski kicks ass. I sort of zoned talking to someone at the end of the movie, and I missed it, but don't worry. If you didn't see it, I won't tell you that they all die.

No I'm kidding. I have to watch it and actually pay some attention to get it I think. The end sort of got so slow that when the credits started rolling I was caught by surprise. Good film though. Buy it. I would. I did. I went to 5 different stores, but I got it. Thank you Circuit City, whom I had to go to twice because employees were talking to each other on my first stop...

Yeah. I think that works.

Skippy offers apologies and condolences for being so absent lately. I won't leave your lives hanging like that too often. I had some important business-like business matters to... do business with.

No I just got really really lazy and didn't feel like typing, I'm not even gonna lie. You don't need that. No really, I swear to God you don't. It's not healthy. Like idiocy - and in the words of Ron White, "you can't fix stupid"... So true. Too bad though.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NFS Carbon

Come race SkippyThorson in Need For Speed Carbon. Drop me a line and we can dual sometime.

I'd be happy to beat - I mean race you. Especially if a buddy of mine is there.

Oh if only you could see my sarcastic grin. You'd love our driving styles.

I'll be back Blogging in a while. Much to do here you know. Lots of work to be done in the life of me, and frankly, it's getting boring. I need pyrotechnics...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Almost 2 weeks...

... since we last talked.

How have things been for you?

Good? Good.

Same here I'd say. Usual horse shit - with no pun on the Kentucky Derby.

Skippy became a happier person. I woke up to a text on my iPhone from a friend saying "New NIN album "The Slip" available totally free via nin.com."

No it wasn't an official Trent-message. Yet, I managed to drag my ass out of deep slumber to my Vista-box to get this thing before I had the chance of missing out.

I already had Discipline since the single was released free a while back, and I'm on track 3 - Letting You - and I'm really liking what I hear.

Which reminds me, I wanted to pick up With Teeth... um. Years ago. I may get on that.

No snyde Apple comments, no harsh attacks on humanity or the econo-hell. I think there's much waking up to do.

That NIN album The Slip can be found by going to NIN.com. You can figure it out from there, I hope. It's right there. At least today.

Peace holmes... and Trent.