Saturday, August 30, 2008

Asphalt 4 Elite Racing for iPhone

What are the odds I'm granted a free download of this for posting it here and to everyone?! (e-mail is right on the side of the page, wink wink)


My dream has been realized!

No, not because the second to first most anticipated racing game for me has been released - shortly behind Need For Speed Undercover, of course.

No, it's much much bigger than this.

I finally did it.

I finally released news about something to MacRumors before anyone else, and it actually made the front page in the form of their iPhone Blog!

Thank you Arn! You are my hero!

Skippy is rejuvenated and better than ever! I'm back. Really. This time I won't just slip away into a deep slumber to only wake up for necessary food, beverages, and mini-vacations.

It is almost September, and I am ready to roll. Honestly, I really am.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I did not get consumed

Neither Grizzly Bear or Moose ingested me, and I am thankful. Nor did they try to jump, mug and / or bum rush me. Which is also a plus.

So, that mid-week / Wednesday was a lie evidently, but I'm here now, and that's all that really matters. Papa Skippy won't leave you in the dirt for too long. Unless rigormortis sets in. Which would be bad.

I missed civilization, I won't lie. Almost as much as one Steven Jobs, who apparently got so fed up with civilization that he set Apple on fire. No I'm kidding. It was an accident. Not even by anything they made either. I told them not to get the Vista Air Center but no no one listens to me.

I am a tired little person lately. So lazy that I haven't posted a real post about posts in I'm not sure how long. I still can't lie, that won't keep me from being lazy still. I need them high quality sleeps, and I will get back to earth soon. Peace readers.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Almost Spiritually Prepared

Alright. My brothers and sisters, or whatever you are.

I'm going on vacation. Really. For 4 days, 4 hours up north in some little camping place I've never heard of with someone that needs no introduction, especially in a place like this blog - that's for sure.

Am I afraid I'm going to get eaten by grizzly bears? Yes I am.

Will I get eaten by grizzly bears? Quite possibly.

I'm taking my iPhone, so we'll see if that helps. Any word on if bears have accepted the App Store as a quality place to get some nice entertaining programs for iPhone? Do they get 3G coverage in the Adirondacks?

This is gonna be one hell of a ride. Or. Trip.

Peace. I will be back to blogging sometime mid next week. Wednesday. Yes, that would make sense.