Thursday, February 19, 2009

Circuit Chitty

So I walked in today at about 10 in the morning. About the time they open.

I went to look at a JVC dock, that dual one. MSRP is $100, right? It is at my Walmart. I don't think we make up MSRP. So... Yeah.

First, I talked to some head guy, who tried to tell me everything went up to MSRP on January 15th. No, sir. The dock had been $100 ever since that date, and long before then. He told me, it was supposed to be $150, marked down to $90. The 40% off was supposed to be $60, from $100, not $90 from $150.

I gave up and told him whatever, and asked him if he had the remote for it - I explained that the settings on that dock can only be accessed from the remote.

He called over to some know-nothing kid. He went back and checked all the accessories for the rest of the docks that they apparently kept in manilla envelopes. Nope. It was missing. Thanks!

I asked him about the pricing too. His response, and I quote "I have no idea". He said it in this slow slurred voice, honestly showing he had no clue. I asked him then about the MSRP, and that it in reality is $100. Again he said "I have no idea", in that same exact voice.

I half laughed and half sighed. I then asked him about where I could get another remote. Se stared at me like I just switched to speaking Chinese. He said it again. "I have no idea"...

I told him that he could think about it and I'll be in again.

No I won't.

Lesson learned? Shop at Walmat.

I knew Circuit City would do this - they're marking up their prices to not only offset the discounts, but attempt to further profit from them as well.

Circuit City, New Hartford New York, 13413, in case you're wondering - fuck you.

Monday, February 9, 2009

iPhone Carrier Update?

Seems as though Apple or AT&T shoved out a mini-update to iPhone users today.

What does it do? I have absolutely no idea whatsoever.

Yet, I'm still pumped to get an update of any sort for iPhone. No, this isn't on MacRumors yet either. We'll see if that changes.

More if I find out anything. If not, no more.