Monday, December 28, 2009

Operation Surrender. Decent name? We'll see.

On AT&T's website, everyone has the option to select "Not My Device" on their AT&T dashboard. At the same time, we all switch our "Not My Device" to some random phone of our choosing.

If they don't want New York City to have the iPhone, then the entire state of New York should go along with their thinking. We won't have the iPhone. We'll have something else. If they really want us to, they'll have to switch it back.

December 31st, 11:30pm. It'll be more than a simple few account fixes at that time. Everyone at AT&T will be gone or drunk or both, and who knows what kind of chaos this could create.

I say it's worth a shot. Let's go New York. Show AT&T that they're really the ones making the choice here. Stick it to them with a healthy dose of literal sarcasm. It's their call. Let them live with the consequences.

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