Monday, September 15, 2008

Texas vs Nature

I assume you people have seen the news. I hope you have. It's better than Saturday Night Live. Then again, I'd rather watch C-Span.

Ike slammed Galveston in a spectacular rush of wind, water, and filth. Does anyone remember a tiny little storm called Katrina, that wiped a city off the face of the earth? For the life of me, I won't understand why anyone would stay during the mandatory evacuation. You know what? Stay and suffer.

I wonder how fast the rich white people will get back to Texas, compared to the poor african americans of New Orleans. Apparently, as our recently imprisoned friend Kanye West once said, "George Bush don't like black people"... Well, he doesn't really, but he sure does love Texas! You know his redneck ass is gonna haul back to Crawford to clean up his front porch the second he gets a free chance. I give that until Tuesday.

I'm awake at this obscene hour. Why? The Today Show.

Continuous coverage of this storm that was the size of the state it hit. If I see one more interview of one more redneck who lost his 3 story condo to a storm, and who's life was only made worse because he stayed, I'm going to run down my clean non-flooded street screaming.

Here's an idea, did anyone down south see the news? Anyone see this thing on local or national weather broadcasts? It's not like it was hard to miss. Someone explain to me why anyone stayed. I don't get it. You know that your house is just going to fall on you and you may end up just floating a few towns away on your front door.

Rebuild, redecorate, buy crap for your mobile homes all the way up to your gated mansions. I feel bad for everyone involved because this shouldn't be happening in today's society, but if you're stupid to make it worse on yourself, I don't know what to say. Read through the rest of my blog perhaps.

Good luck people. Peace. Watch out for those waves.

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