Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Ad - The Pictures - The 3G

I said it - and I delivered once again. Here is the coming ad from Walmart. The iPhone 3G is proudly displayed on the cover announcing it's presence at Redneck HQ. The world can spin once more.

9:00am on December 28th, these things go on sale. I'd say, come 9:10am, they'll be gone.

I told you all! No one listens to me. I tell them something, and they doubt me, and they go against what I say, and then they end up being wrong and I end up being right, and then they asked me how I was right and how I knew, and then I tell them that I'm always right, and then they believe me, and then, the next thing comes up and the cycle restarts.

Well. I did it. I'm exceptionally proud of myself. You're welcome.

MacRumors, Macenstein, MacSoda, Engadget... Here comes Skippy.

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