Monday, December 8, 2008

Walmart gets iPhoned

I am here to tell you, faithful loving Walmart employee that I am, that we will 100% positively surely will be selling the 8gb iPhone at Walmart. The 16gb version may or may not be reserved for Apple and AT&T, so we're unsure if we're going to land that or not. If Best Buy didn't, we probably won't. They're freaking Best Buy.

Oh, and this is the image on PCWorld, it's not mine. MacRumors also has it as a whole - computer, Wire cardboard prop, and all.

Where's the negative in this? The clothing sections of Walmart have nothing to do with electronics.

Why does that matter? I want to sell people motha' fuckin' iPhones.

Anyway it goes, I will be in the same place that sells iPhones, and that's an awesome idea. I'll be feet away from them 4 or 5 days a week. It's like I just gained custody of my adopted children after never seeing them. Which makes no sense. Which makes me a bit like Brad Pitt.

All the info just appeared on "The Wire". That's the big fancy name for the collection of stupid shitsy computer games we have to play when we're hired or rehired at that joint, and all the info that we could possibly never want as employees of such a fine upstanding redneck establishment.

I'll see what else I get later on this week, and I'll see if I can get pictures. I'll see. You'll see.

Watch there be nothing and it doesn't hit our store. That would be my luck.

Maybe this will finally give me some cred. I finally got some dirt on the truth. When people around the world see that Skippy has done it, I will be able to prove that I am amazing. I'm Skippy.

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