Friday, April 18, 2008

For the love of i

Not myself. The love of all things i.

A tainted iPhone. Including a slide out keyboard.

Who the hell in the name of the Dali Llama would go for that thing?

Steve was entirely against 2 things a year ago - both cheap plastic components. A stylus, who yuck, nobody wants... and the slide-out plastic keyboard. It's a load of bullshit - or billshiza as I hear it called in some ghettos.

I have spent the last few days getting over a cough and a cleansed sewer, and this is the thanks the universe gives me for promoting purity? Screw this.

In other news. Skippy is on his way to a shiny new - ok old - Camaro. It's a past drag car, and the rear wheels are like something you'd find on John Force's car, and I love it.

It's 4 g's son.

I'd drop that. Hell I dropped half that on a phone.

I don't buy anything else. All else is unnecessary. Obsolete. Crap.

More as time flies son. Discuss.

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