Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oh Smack

Is my rant on the preppy shoppers still creating a buzz?

I suppose this is how Martha Stewart exploded... and in the same vain I think it's time to shut this down.

Skippy keeps on a-roaring through the Interwebz at blazing fast 1999 speeds. This rocks.

Excuse me while I go back to counting my green made from the largest retail chain in America, and not of the hand shaped variety. You know what I mean creepy old guy.

I'm listening to Burger Man by ZZ Top and calling some hippie creepy. I should be ashamed.

I'm not one for anonymous posts. It drags down my blog's overall happiness.The happy uplifting letters of hope you've come to know. One comment is from a kid with 2 profile views, and no blog at all, and the other is from a kid who believes social networking is the literal definition of posting a single entry on how he's a lazy sod who doesn't like gyms and how donuts are healthy as building blocks for that leaning tower over in France or something. I didn't get it. See for yourself.

There's a reason I don't just give out my personal details, such as money. How could I take away the reason that allows me to bitch about the Trump Tower dwellers from the view of the Trailer Trash millions? I would come up with a clever comeback to respond to their highly intellectual comments like last time, but I simply don't have the vast superior knowledge of all things literature and numerical... shame.

Oh, and yes, my tears are shed for those of you reading this from their silver streak twinkie house.

Loved or hated, it's working. You probably aren't sure what it is, and it ain't Cher. I hear something. A small but growing buzzing sound...

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