Saturday, January 17, 2009

Circuit City: Gone. Firedog: Problem Solved.

So now it seems that yet another chain has fallen victim to the economy... or in this case, itself.

Circuit City is closing its doors in all 567 remaining stores in the U.S., while Canadian operations will carry on as though nothing happened.

Well that's just wonderfuck.

So when Best Buy hikes prices because their primary competition is gone, we know who to thank - THIS MAN.

Fathers and sons for I dont know / care how many years have looked to this place for a source of inspiration and guidance. How many times can you look back and remember your loving father asking you "So, do you want to go to Circuit City today kids?", and you responded with "Gee Pop, that would be swell!", and he hit his knee and got into that old Buick station wagon and you drove off into the sunset to go to the land of red circled happiness.

No longer are those days folks. Big business has handed the playground over to a giant yellow price tag, and it wants your soul. No seriously, just look at this thing. It probably eats babies.

So, so long glowing red globe of happiness and wonder. We will miss your Firedog expertise. Woe is the Geek Squadian who tells me that it will be $50 to tell me what was wrong and what I should expect to pay for it. Darkness looms in the future for all who are looking for a Firewire MyBook external hard drive, or a 47 inch Samsung flat screen.

Oh well. At least they have Apple Stores.

Sales start as early as today, for all the soulless wanting to benefit on the dead. I personally could use that external, but I want to honor the place as it goes down in a blaze of glory.

Which was an excellent Bon Jovi song.

I'll miss you C.C.

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