Monday, January 26, 2009

Coming Soon

As you may know, I do a lot of work with Google. So much so, that it's my home page on all 4 of my computers.

Why do I have 4? It's necessary, that's why.

It seems that a mere single Blog wasn't enough. I will not disappoint however, the good news is that I'm not packing up. Think of it as I just bought a beach house down south.

Yes, Skippy is ready to take the next step in expanding his reaches far across The Interweb. I have taken my work with Google a step farther with Google Sites. Free websites for all, including people like me. Isn't that great?!

One day soon, whenever that may be, I'll have an announcement here on the new site, as well as updating the header - where you'll find a link to the site under construction.

Skippy Thorson Home.

Kinda has a nice ring to it. Very homey. Homie? Whatever the kids say nowadays.

Word to your mother. Catch you on the flip side, dogs.

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