Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Leave Of Absence: Steve Jobs

It would be a shame to not blog about the man that provided us with a changed world and optimistic mind, giving us all hope that technology isn't the mundane work center tool we all take for granted. It's more than that. It's a lifestyle, and a state of being.

The man that gives his all every day wants time to be with his family. He deserves it. He deserves every second of time off he can find. He doesn't deserve the scrutiny and prodding that every blogger, columnist and news story has tossed out into the open, like a domestic cat into a pack of ravenous wolves. He is but a man. Inventor and father of iPod and iPhone. We've taken enough of what he's given. Let's offer something in return. Peace perhaps. Tranquility from the madness.

Damn you who sleeps peacefully at night, after doing nothing but taking. Return what you received. Give back. Give time. Time is what will prove everyone wrong. That no, not everyone is immortal, but no, not everyone is as vulnerable as we presume. Some are tough. Some are fighters. Some are the crazy ones.

Cheers, Steve. We'll see you in a while.

Salute. Namaste.

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