Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In The Face - In. The. FACE.

So a 72 year old grandmother got tased in the face. Funny right? Well it wasn't literally in the face, and it wasn't all that funny. At least to the family, and some thinking the officer stepped over the line.

Later, the same news channel released a follow-up story, settling the conflict between the he said / she said.

However, now that the dashboard camera recording of the entire thing hit the Today Show, after she said it was all lies, Granny shut her mouth, and refuses to say anything at all.

He can be clearly seen shoving the woman, and it's debatable that he was just being a typical cop with the "Can't Touch This" MC Hammer-tude, but it's also debatable that he was getting the stubborn great grandmother off the highway.

Personally, and obviously, I think she had it coming. How many old people do you know that just... won't... listen... At 72, would you? What's the worst that could happen?

A taser shot is probably far off your mind. It wasn't on this woman's - she is even recorded saying "I dare you", and I would have done the same thing as the cop after that. It went on for what seemed like forever. She was given too many chances, and he was too generous. I would have tased her from the start, partly in fun after she swore at me the first time.

Over the line, or right on target? You be the judge. I personally think the target was spot on, but that's probably just because she wasn't one to run marathons.

I also personally think that people working on YouTube videos should avoid dubbing Vista error sounds into the video, but that's just me.

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