Monday, June 8, 2009

WWDC 2009 Predictions

So as my ritual goes, what's going down at WWDC you ask? Well let's see.

I have to say it will be not the launch, but the announcement of the new iPhone 3G. Off to a bang, eh?

Well, aside from the ultimately important Voice Recorder App, I believe we'll finally be seeing when we'll be getting the Push service we've waited a year for, and we will get an in depth look at iPhone OS 3.0 on the new device.

Another definite will be an update on Snow Leopard, and if not only a demo, we may even get a release date.

What else besides that? Schiller will have to touch on when Steve will be coming back. Yes. Steve is an announcement.

There is going to be a new product, but it is likely to be saved for a separate keynote hosted by Steve Jobs when he returns, and more than likely, it will be the kickoff keynote to his return.

There you have it. The future, as told by Skippy.

Enjoy the keynote tomorrow at 1!

Rather... today. It's the AM now. Crazy.

Ah... Underlining...

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