Saturday, October 27, 2007

Come on poor, donate to the rich

I've heard about some way to to donate to all of those people that have lost their homes or had to endure hardship due to the California wildfires... all those rich people that lost crap.

Kiss my ass rich people.

I have to say one thing. You basically just got served. You people whine and bitch about deforestation, and then turn right around and build a 6.2 million dollar 34 acre mansion on what used to be protected wetlands until you got the protection lifted because you know the Governator, then you get a priest to come bless your house, so you can look forward to a weekend of shopping for those seal skin boots you've been longing for.


I like Green Day as much as the next guy, but partnering with NRDC is a waste of time, just as much as the Greenpeace parody of Five people try to get things done, and five hundred go against it and hunt bald eagles to stuff for their children. One difference through, no one cares about Greenpeace, probably because they're iFailures, therefore they iLose. iWhoops.

Image and story here at BBC News.

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