Friday, October 19, 2007

To Be Skippy Thorson

Let's be honest with ourselves, after all, this is a place where the true inner being comes out in all of us. It's about who you are now and who you one day could be. I am Skippy Thorson, and I am me. If you ever find yourself between a rock and a hard place, I suggest you leave the Grand Canon, and come here, to me. I know what a human being needs, and I can be the great provider. Perhaps not as great as Bono, but close.

I am the greatest Nascar driver online that you will ever see. Whether it's the winding road course of Watkins glen or going 200mph at Talladega. I will shut you down. Ricky Bobby is nothing to me. I know what it takes to be a winner, I swear to god I do. See here. Maybe you can learn something from me.

Soon I shall change your life. This is more than racing cars and a pack of suds. I can teach you what you've all been wanting to learn. How to live.

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