Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another 5 Day Leave

You know. This is unacceptable.

This crap with my being out for work instead of here trying to treat you all to what you want. What is that? Me.

I hear your cries, your sobs, and your plea bargains at night - flooding me with iChat-like sounds. They come in the form of text messages on iPhone. Free ones. Using JiveTalk from BeeJive.

Go figure, they didn't even pay me for that - it's that good.

In a later post, probably my next one, I will be describing to you, my impressions of iPhone. However in the meanwhile... I will leave you with this. A close relative to one Skippy Thorson decided that, after many years, it was also time for a Cell Phone upgrade.

I leave this to the Kyocera 2119b.

To the Phone that always did his best.
Turning on.
Glowing green.
He will be surely missed.
Where ever your new home should be.
Rest up for the spirit in the sky.
Which is a good Norman Greenbaum song.
and look towards the future.
A future filled with rest and relaxation.
One filled with no dropped calls or inadequate technology. All phones are created equal.
And you are one of them.
Namaste, Purple Phone. Namaste.
I bow to you, Kyocera 2119b.

More to come with iPhone in the future.

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