Saturday, March 29, 2008

Do you like money?

So do I.

This one goes out to you, rich American home owner in the rich part of your town, wherever that may be.

To all of those who achieved high paying jobs straight out of college, and to all of those who can afford the luxuries in life like a 3rd or 4th car.

May your son and or daughter have a BMW on their 16th birthday, and may they have everything you've known and more.

I hope people like you read this, because man (or woman), this one is sure for you! You hard working American, you.

Let me tell you something. You kind of people are so arrogant, that half the time I have to put a megaphone to your fat ass just so you can hear me.

Rich people disgust me. The kinds that sit home watching Oprah worrying about the troubles of the world, while watching the stock market on an iPhone they got from their last $2,000 raise, hoping that their future doesn't depend on how Dow Jones does tomorrow.

You know the kinds - the people that make in excess of $60,000 a year and all of a sudden think that they've been blessed by the Gods an can do no wrong. So to convince themselves that they aren't worthless idiotic nothings, they run out to Dolce & Gabbana to better the world - their world.

Fuck your world.

I know what you're thinking. You just sat back in your chair, and either gasped or scoffed. Well, screw that too.

When you're so high and mighty, that money is no object, and you can go anywhere you want on this globe at the drop of a hat by just packing up and leaving, it looks like someone needs to readjust their priorities. There are people that can't do that, and have to actually work for a living, doing something that you could never do, and that's get your hands dirty.

Real hard working down home Americans that work for their family to give them something more than a shoe collection. It's the stupid preppy nose-to-the-sky kinds that everyone else should be looking down on. Stop thinking you can buy your kids everything to make them happy.

You can't. You never will... but go ahead, and keep sitting at your Windows office computer making those big bucks typing away while other people are breaking their backs to make a fraction of what you will this year. Aren't you proud?

Teach your kid how their car works. When they've turned mommy and daddy's birthday gift into a smear on the NYS Thruway, I'm going to drive right on by, on my way to work.


Real work.

You hear that? Hello? Ass? Anyone in there?


Anonymous said...

Christ you're an idiot.

I worked hard to get a well paid job. Yet you're sticking hard working people in with the "spoilt crowd". Well fucking done.

Skippy said...

Hence the obsessive, dollar sign wearing ego-maniac picture. Indeed my crusty friend. Well fucking done, indeed.

Anonymity is hardly ignorance. The human voice is meant to be heard! Glad to hear you're workin' hard at your well paid job. You deserve that Huey Lewis / Garth Brooks duet. Really.

P.s., I love you. So much, you're a feature in the follow-up entry. Keep on truckin', partner.

clearThumbtack said...

$60k a year rich? I make quite a bit more than that and I feel poor.

Its kind of flattering that I got put into the "Rich" category by you. Makes me feel successful.

Excuse me while I check my stock prices on my iPhone...

afterm4th said...

man, you must really be poor if you think $60k is "rich".

Skippy said...

Word to the wise, you both made my blog's post of the same date found below.

P.s., CTT, you like your iPhone(s) too? Good to hear from satisfied customers like you. I killed one. Not all they're cracked up to be. Literally... I have a case now, so no worries.

P.p.s., AM, I only referred to those above that income. Never said 60K was indeed rich. King Tut has nothing on me - plus my nostrils haven't been raped and gauzed.

Cheerio fellow love-fest-ees.