Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yankee Demo

What the flying fuck are people thinking? Anything? No?

I hate the Yankees, with a passion that burns like a thousand suns, but even I think it's a terrible idea to rip down Yankee Stadium.

There's an ad in my Sunday paper that shows a little replica that you can buy for like $9,000... It says something about celebrating the last season at Yankee Stadium.

Ok, I'll admit I find it funny that the team I hate is having their home stadium ripped down for who the hell knows what - a hot dog stand would be funniest, and have more return visitors - but still, I'm a history kind of person, and things with meaning like landmarks are meant to be left as is unless falling down on people that walk by who look at it the wrong way.

Like in Utica, there's the Stanley Theatre. People including myself were and still are against some big stupid neon scrolling Marquee that replaced a simple text holding billboard thing. It's an old antique building... leave it the hell alone. Really.

Some people are just so fucking stupid, you just want to roundhouse kick them in the face. Chuck Norris style. Stupidity is disgusting. I like perfection. Like myself, and this blog.



Oh, that reminds me, I plan to take over Fake Steve Jobs' spot for overall best Blogger site.

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