Sunday, March 16, 2008

GodPhone = Truth = Control Your PC

Yo. Holmes. Ever wanted to run Windows on your iPhone? Literally?

Not necessarily Parallels, but you won't need it.

You'll never guess what I uncovered.

Right HERE.

It's called BeFree4iPhone.

What is this you ask?

A tool that will change your life.

This requires NO hacking or jailbreaking of your iPhone, and will work if you've crossed over to the dark side or not. I personally haven't, and never will, so this was the first part that drew me in.

What can you do?

You can literally control your PC remotely from your iPhone, where you want, when you want. You sinply touch the screen where you want your cursor, and you constantly have the option to click, double click, or... other things I haven't gotten into yet. You see, and control, your computer. You see your desktop pseudo-live (there is some delay time) just as if you were sitting in front of it.

There are bigass buttons on the bottom that I knew about, but right now, in my fit of technological-wonder, forgot the depth of them. Some of them are: To File Browser, Minimize All Windows, To Remote Control, etc. There are more.

You can zoom in and out and all that jazz, so don't worry about trying to click that little 2 millimeter iTunes or AIM "X" in the top right corner, and such.

I have a dock on my home screen - ObjectDock - and simply going over one of the icons will allow me to click them, but goes not give the mouseover effect. Not sure if that's simply delay or an animation you don't see.

I may get more into this eventually. Who knows. I am finally becoming a sick little tech-helper. Amen.

It is also listed at Apple as a Web App HERE.

You rock, BeFree4iPhone people, really. You do.

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