Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bloody Hell

So the insanely great image from my last entry is removed.

Yeah, I took it off myself, cause I'm just a nice guy. Oh, and I'm a fucking people person.

Someone somewhere said that he created it and doesn't like direct links because I'm stealing his traffic that is evidently up in the high dozens. Whoops.

You know, Google Images provides me with every photo I've uploaded, and if anyone doesn't want me to swipe a photo off there for any reasons, don't let Google crawl your site. They sort of don't find you magically - I know, dream crusher.

So. That dude's happy. I think.

Let's see here now.

Taylor Hicks won American Idol for a damn good reason. Rock on, new age soul music stuff.

You know how it sounds good?

It sounds good on an iPhone, in your hand, using the touch screen to navigate to the album just because you can and no one else around you can touch their music because they all use Hellphones. I have GodPhone, as we've all come to know it. Great, great stuff.

It's a soul thing, or so I'm told by iTunes in my start / menu / task bar thing. Whatever Redmond is calling it this year.

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