Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Emerald City Underway

Has anyone seen this pile of shit? Please tell me you have.

Apparently, this thing is gonna take down the Mall of America. It's going to be the biggest baddest thing yet. More so than the Big Dig, and probably twice the nightmare.

This thing was proposed in 1997. Then it expanded into someone's idea of a joke.

Well. They've gotten nowhere. It's still hell. The roads are terrible - it's more confusing to navigate than the Rachel Ray Recipe Book, and is a bigger nightmare than George Bush interrupting your favorite sitcom to tell America he fucked up in a nutshell.

The appearance of this building... Holy... Crap...

I can't even put it into words. I was all for it. I'm thinking to myself, 'Hey a mega-Apple Store'... No. We get something inspired by a fucking Bug's Life.

It's Green, but it's not. It may actually be green, and it's supposed to be an eco-friendly building... but... with one flaw.

It's being built on wetlands, damn it.

Who knows when it's supposed to be done. I'm placing bets on the 'my generation will never see it' slot.

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