Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sure, you've got low prices...

...but you've also got throngs of screaming crying whining smelly drooling dirty obnoxious spoiled rotten kids.

All I want to do is organize my shoe department in peace and quiet, but no. There's some child in a cart turned around shouting repeatedly to her mother who I am sure is already across the store, if not already out in the parking lot feverishly trying to start her Grand Caravan to get out of there in the quickest way possible without being told by the cops or this guy that you aren't supposed to do shit like that... Whoops.

I need a vacation. From the truth.

Well, in other news - Apple of course - it looks like the Mac Mini could still see it's bright little future way in the distance. It could be updated, and kept around for a good while. Interesting to hear, considering I may be picking one up eventually... See, Steve knows what's up. We have an understanding.

In other news, I want this... Or even better, this concept car seen here and here. Apparently it was going to be a one of a kind for Dale Earnhardt Sr., but it instead morphed into the 2000 production car. Great stuff. Rock on, 6th generation Monte Carlo.

Go Mopar. Later holmes.

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