Saturday, December 22, 2007

Alright, so I WAS on a 2 week leave...

...and I know I didn't tell you.


Suck it up. I'm back at the reigns now aren't I? Relax. Papa Skippy is back to guide your lives on the path of righteousness, realization and buying the right Apple products. Speaking of which. Fake Steve Jobs.



Apparently there are still some people that still spend so much time at their desks that they not only lost that program that they were working on for 2 weeks, they also forgot that they put their sense of humor in the bottom of their coffee cup right next to the old cigarette. Hey, look what they made!

Some people just need to get lives, and jobs. No, not of the Steve variety. Surprisingly. Yes, for the first time in my life, I'm against Apple. This is just... Whoa. It's FSJ. You don't mess with FSJ. That's like internet rule number 2. Aside from enabling keyloggers to track every single thing your kids do online. Screw parental controls. Control your children.

For whatever reason, whatever they may have, Apple wants to tear down FSJ from the blogside out. Apparently they don't like something he said. What? Who the hell knows. They won't say. I guess they're just bored. They say it's specifically 3 of his entries. Which one out of all of them? No idea. It's a guessing game.

Rock on Fake Steve Jobs. As David Bowie would say...

It's the holidays. Can't we wait to sue one another until after everyone gets drunk for New Years? Odds are no one's gonna remember anything anyway, and isn't that the true meaning of this time of year? Wait.

Ok that could have been worded better.

Isn't getting drunk-




Ok. Forget that. Really. My law enforcement brethren wouldn't like that. I swear to God they wouldn't.

I'll elaborate more about FSJ when I know more. Which should be soon. Come on, I see, hear, and know all. Do you expect me to be kept in the dark about anything? I'm not just another person. It takes someone unique to be on my level. One day you might. With a lot of work and some high flying soulful hallelujahs, you might do it. You never know.

Then there's always the simply pay homage to me method. In which you send my your unwanted unused or broken Apple products. There's always that.

NAMASTE I SAY. Keep FSJ alive. Hear me brothers and sisters. HEAR ME!

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