Saturday, December 15, 2007

Keep Your iPod Warm This Winter.

The iPod Sock. Yes, that's right. Even your iPod would like a christmas sweater this non-denominational holiday season.

As you gather around the non-belief-specific festive shrub on the morning of the birthday of a child somewhere, you'll know that one of your siblings will be hit with a Mack Truck full of wonder and mysteriosness. Mysterioso. Mysteriousa. Oh hell, I mean "child-like wonder", ok Apple? Holy trademarked phrases...

So on this upcoming day of celebration for a religious-specific reason, why not get someone an iPod sock, and perhaps the grill of that big-ass rig will come hurdling into your living room to bestow a radiant glow of joy on the face of those who believe in Jesus, and everyone will be up the creek without so much as a twig.


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