Thursday, December 13, 2007

I can't even take my own advice.

Ridiculous, right?

That nog. I swear...

Anyway, I was watching The Office tonight, and I had an epiphany. No I didn't see this man again.

It involves Saki, and Nog. What can I make from this you ask? Nogasaki.

That's right. You read that. Nogasaki.

Saki... and Nog... and I want it.

Another thing I realized I have to see a new film coming out soon, one you may know. Surprised? I know! It's on your level! Walk Hard, my friends. The Dewey Cox story. Anyone notice the fact that it's a parody of Johnny Cash, yet the movie poster is a play on a Doors album cover? I hear ya.

Thought I'd fill you in. I have a killer headache. You can guess it's from whatever the hell is inside that magical carton of wonderment.

Oh. The Mitchell Report. Funny stuff. Maybe the Yankees can go out and buy another 26 championships. Who's gonna step up? I want to see a bigass MYBADSON from some huge airhead that "accidentally" took steroids to bat balls around at 200mph.

Honestly. Just go grab a Monte Carlo off eBay and head to Daytona. You'll be much safer. Try taking mind altering drugs and driving in Nascar. Yeah. That's what I thought.

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