Saturday, December 29, 2007

Right On Brother

Everything I do, I don't do for you. I do it for me. Why, you ask? So I can profit off of your curiosity, of course.

I have spent the last 2 days submitting this blog to all of the top blog directories and promotion sites out there. It was a tiring effort, that seemed to be a nonstop lost cause. However, just when your average human would give up, Skippy prevails.

Take a look on the right of my Blog. See that new snazzy section? If you hit the Google ad you've gone too far. Above it.


No, right there.

Yes, there.

Blog directory list. Those are the sites I'm on that gave me a link back button thing. So in the spirit of the season, I humored them and put them on. You can rate me too, you know. You would have gathered that if you had read the section in depth, and may I remind you there is plenty of depth in there.

Well. It was also a chore, but I did it. Apple Mail. I finally set it up on my iBook. Not only do I have a person e-mail address of my own to accept important messages from friends family and loved ones, I also set up gmail so I can get that mail as well. With the click of a button and 10 seconds of my time. As opposed to the 2 clicks and 15 seconds it would take to get to gmail, but still, I'm a busy man.

So. Proceed to flood me with your inquiries of life, love, and the car chase of happiness, and I'll help you out with whatever snag you may have hit on your path to righteousness and free love. In the Hendrix / Beatles sense. Portrayed above.

Have any questions you want answered? Well not only can I answer them, I'll do it publicly. Just drop me a line at the address on the right of the page. Peace brothers and sisters.

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