Tuesday, June 3, 2008


No. I'm not giving away iPod Touches to every 10th visitor.

I would of course keep one and sell the rest on eBay for you.

When I say for you I mean to benefit this blog.

When I say benefit this blog I mean enhance my life with a BMW M5 and then explain all of it's wonderful features on here.

Well. Today's news.

Apple just launched their student promotion for this Summer. The deal is, buy a Mac - excluding the Mini - and you get a FREE iPod Touch or iPod Nano.

Yeah, I would sure go for that $200 Nano when I could get and sell the Touch for $300, buy a Nano and have $$ left over. That's a slick little promotion they have going there.

I think... This is officially... The Summer of Macs.

I think I should get iBook and iPhone brothers.

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