Tuesday, June 17, 2008


He finally won an actual points event!

Now, after he finally wins, just like I've said, people think it wasn't fair that he passed the pace car.

Well you know what's cool?

You can gripe all you want but it won't change the outcome.

Dale won it on father's day, after his 76 race winless streak. His father Dale Sr won 76 career races. He won it at Michigan, where he ran a cream colored retro #8 in tribute to his Dale Sr and his grandfather Ralph. A few little coincidences? Not sure.

Fuck the pace car. Anyone can pass it for a few seconds and not get shot in the face. Stop griping because your favorite driver's didn't win or lost out at the last second. It's all about strategy, and obviously at Michigan your driver didn't have it.

The #88 Amp car finally got a points win. Amen.

He's third in standings - let's see where this leads. Rock on.

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