Thursday, June 12, 2008


So. I went into a deep seclusion for the past few days, I mean after all, how am I supposed to feel after misinforming you about WWDC and the great things that you'll experience?

You'll see the new iPhone - Check - iPhone 3G
You'll see a device revised - Check - iPhone 3G, duh
You'll see a new networking and online solutions tool - Check - Mobile Me
You may see a short demo of something big to come later - Check - Snow Leopard
You'll see an entirely new device - WRONG - DAMN IT TO HELL

Where was it Steve? You left it out! Just as you cut out It's A Small World as your hellistic plot bent on world domination was playing with the 70 red lucky iPhone receiving countries.

I'm not at liberty to discuss this, but I'm gonna have to get to the bottom of this. I don't know...

Somehow it looks like my weekend is shot to hell as I try to hunt down some important business-like men for my own personal benefit. I have to hunt them down like a Civic driver so I can get up underneath them and turn them into the rail on the highway. Damn it.

In the words of Kurt Donald Cobain, "I hate myself and want to die"...

No I'm kidding, people are way too fun, and useable.

Google Search, here I come.

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