Sunday, June 22, 2008

iPhone Camera Glitch

So, I go to use my iPhone's camera yesterday, and I'm hit with a snag.

The little bastard thinks that games are fun, and Vista-like simpleton problems are funny to the user.


They piss the user off, and the user then want's to turn the user's iPhone into an iFrisbee into the user's living room wall.

I may have found a solution, right here, that fixes it. We shall see. I'm restoring it as I share these life changing secrets with you now.

I'll report back here for duty and let all of you - my readers - my friends - know how it worked, or if it even worked, or if my iPhone is a steamy little pile of used parts on my floor.

Any way this goes, I'm waking up to scrambled eggs and salsa tomorrow morning. It will be a good morning. I just feel it.

How good? As good as Dale Jr's Michigan win. As good as July 11th will be with the 3G iPhone's launch. As good as an end-of-the-day Wal*Mart cinnamon roll on discount because no one else wants it.

I love cheap things.

Like politics!

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