Monday, June 2, 2008

Peace from Wherever

Who the hell knows where I am.

I'm off on vacation, and in a few short words.

It. Is. Good.

Where did the money come from to do this?

Who knows.

Why did I do this?

Who cares.

You know what all of America needs to do? Leave. That's right. Everyone in North America need to leave the continent for 24 hours. Come back and see where things are. The price of everything from gas to eggs to power scooters will have dropped 80%, and the government may be in turmoil, but that's ok.

It's just a damn good reason to get away from it all. Literally.

You know what else everyone needs to do?

Set their watches.

Know why?

Well. One simple reason. It's vacation. It's Miller time.

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