Thursday, June 5, 2008

Snow Leopard?

So, my take on this sick little "Snow Leopard" OS rumor that's been floating around.

I actually think it's a possibility. As posted in response to a user on MacRumors, I side with the following.

Mac OS 10.6 may implement most of the actual OS 10.5 for a smaller fully Touch mobile device, such as the rumored "iTablet".

This would also make sense in like with those Intel only rumors, in the way that you wouldn't need or want to run it on any other device.

Why run an OS that's only made for one Touch device on anything else, and why keep PPC support if it's not used anywhere on said device?

I say bring it on. Give me my MacTouch, and iMac screen desktop dock. I have the Platinum MasterCard ready. Let's roll, Steve.

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