Monday, June 9, 2008

Just 3 Hours Left

Steve Jobs is going to give the world more gifts with thanks to my favorite little Cupertino company.

In honor of the occasion, I decided to add on another feature to my blog. Just scroll over any link like this Google one and SnapShots will offer a preview of whatever you plan to click away on before you go to that page.

We'll see how I like it. Not sure about it yet really. It's all about the user experience though, right?

I'm kidding, I'll see what I think about it.

I need to go rest up, fellow Bloggees... Blogists? Bloggers.

I'll see you after the Stevenote. Maybe on my new iTablet? Who knows? Well, ok Steve does, but I don't get to talk to him all too often of course. He's a busy man you know. Almost as busy as Mel Gibson - who, by the way, will tell you so himself.

I really hope he has nothing to do with the Guitars...

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