Saturday, November 17, 2007


You know you've hit it big when your blog is the result that comes up when you type in my name on Google, and hit that glorious "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. You also confirm it further when my blog is #1 on their search of me. For that, I offer Google an Amen.

Go on. Do it. Just a test. I was amused, I'm sure you will be too. Think of it as my spontaneous afternoon gift to you, because you're all so deserving. Really. You are. As far as I know anyhow...

Just take it while it's there for the taking. Who knows how many people are going to try and copy or even be me in some online forum. I may even be kicked off Google's top spot on their normal search thanks to some kid out in the middle of NYC that has nothing else better to do than try and be someone else.

Who am I kidding, the folks at Google wouldn't do that to me. They love me there, tell me I get them through the day. Can't say I blame them. Look at all I have to offer! How could you not want some of this?

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