Thursday, November 29, 2007

Grab your children, quick. If you have any.

Does your child, cousin, niece, nephew, or anyone you know have a childhood toy named after a religious figure?

If so, then you could be at risk of 40 lashes, prison time, or death.

I'm sorry if that news is shocking or may scare you, but sometimes, truth can be frightening. Ok, I made that last part up about death, but can you honestly say you would have taken that as seriously if that weren't added? Me neither.

Evidently, some teacher-woman, somewhere, (I guess, according to the BBC, the Today show, and here, the New York Post) had a kid in her class who had a stuffed bear. Like most children of, oh, planet earth. You know what I'm getting at. You're probably thinking though, that the bear was named Jesus, or Holy Ghost. Nope.

Muhammad. Mr. Islam himself. The one and only query of the Qur'an.

Sounds like the perfect name for a childhood friend, right? If you were thinking yes, you could be at risk of the above bold statement - minus the death part. Look, I know we're all sue happy, and looking to make a dollar, and if we aren't as politically correct as Hillary Clinton, we just genuinely aren't good people. I never though that the day would come that we really need to worry about if our child's stuffed animal is named Mr Biggelsworth, or Allah...

What's next, an epidemic where it's not even safe to eat spinach?


Aw crap.

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