Thursday, November 15, 2007

Spreading the iPod Love

This is how planet earth is. You know you're a genius when you can have groups of your friends want an iPod after telling them day in and day out about how great they are and how much better they're lives would be if they had one. I've gotten 2 people to directly go out and buy iPod Nanos. One tricks his out with any glorious accessory that fits his love child, and the other went out to the Apple Store just to get the Product Red version. Now, someone else wants the new 3rd gen Nano. The love spreads. I told you all the 60's would be right back!

Now it's not even stopping there. My business partner Joe has an iPhone. Fucking loves the thing. He gives free demos when anyone asks about it like he works for Apple already. Which, ok, we basically do, Steve Jobs just doesn't know it yet. You see, he now has 2 other people planning on buying it in the near future, and dozens upon dozens of others that can only drool over it... because I guess they can't even use iTunes with their VistaBoxes. Go figure. Thanks to Gizmodo warning all of those I haven't reached yet through my extensive grasp. Reason #2 why I don't own an iBrick, #1 being that I used iTunes to sync to my iPod only once. So I could update it. Finally.

Oh, yes, details you ask? Sure. It's a 30 gb 5.5 gen. Oh, and yes, it's snow white.

What does Vistard do for me instead, to ease my frustrations? It tells me I can no longer watch Pirates of Silicon Valley on my snow white iPod, because the file wasn't... I don't even know. It wasn't perfect I guess. A bit picky aren't we Mr. Gates? My question of the week. Will Vista ever get out of it's seemingly permanent beta stage?

I can't wait to claim former Vista user status.

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