Friday, November 23, 2007

Mr Africa himself? No not Oprah.

Some big shit is going down in the JobsBlog thanks to the U fucking 2 frontman. (Or someone that desperately wants to be him.) Apparently, Bono (yes, that Bono) is posting (as himself) on the Fake Steve Jobs blog. Now, let me try to figure this out. You would go to a blog that is one giant parody, and try to preach whatever you want as truth? I doesn't work like that.

Still, it's slightly amusing.

His preaching of a Product Red GodPhone has half of the internet abuzz with the glory and braging rights that can only come with owning this handheld piece of history.

Imagine it. Really. Walking by holding a 3.5 inch screen with the ability to watch a cult of high school children drop their jaws to the floor just because you're downloading the remix of A Little Less Conversation directly to a device you shelled out a half a grand for just months earlier while they were asleep in their mothers basement the morning you were in line at your local AT&T store. Unless you were someone like this who happened to oversleep so much that after two days of wetting yourself, you didn't even make it into the store because of the the previous night's encounter with Jim Bean, Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan.

Could this be true? After all, there have been rumors about a Deep Red iPhone being shipped to AT&T sometime before the holidays. I know one person with iPod-Wifi-Phone. I know enough not to go out and buy the Voyager. I know how I want to order my tomato pie - via a touch screen with tons of pretty little touch button things. Why? Well, because I'm an american, and why shouldn't I shell out half a grand for a cell phone?

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