Monday, November 19, 2007

Holy Crap

I never realized how much I liked Apple computers. I own an iBook G4, and it's amazing, I own two iPods, which are also amazing. I've also gone as far as making my XP look like OS 10.4, until it died that is. (Doing that to Vista would be pointless.) Some things just can't handle such superiority.

My friends, I never realized what an amazing work of art that the iMac G4 was. Can you see that picture?

Apparently a local elementary school was just handing out Apple computers. No idea why. The three music teachers at our local high school ended up getting eMacs. In addition, one of them got that iMac. Upon seeing it, I was once again blasted by child-like wonder. It was inspired by a sunflower. What else do you need?

Steve Jobs. You have a way with silicon. Not in the Dr. 90210 way though. In the tech-artist sort of way. Great stuff. Maybe outdated by 2 models, but who cares?

I want one.

Wow. Not the Vista wow either. The holy crap I want one wow.

Feel free to send me one. Complete with Pro Keyboard and Mighty Mouse.

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