Saturday, November 17, 2007

See what I mean?

Even the heads at NBC are listening to Skippy Thorson. For good reason. The Brian Williams episode of SNL was brought back for tonight.

Oh, yeah, and it's on now. See? So do you believe me? I am the power. Gotta love it.

Thanks NBC. I owe you one. Really I do. I just put it in iCal. (December 25th NBC - Owe them one) It may be something like a select few of the big wigs receiving a limited edition Skippy Thorson Travel Mug.

Maybe like a bumper sticker? Not sure yet. Possibly a Pyramid Gift Certificate only redeemable at Sangertown Mall in New Hartford New York.

That sounded too much like an advertisement. Plus that place sucks. I won't waste your time. Travel mugs it is. You're welcome.

I just remembered...

SNL not only got the "bring back brian" idea from this blog entry, they also used this picture from this entry for their introductions... I'm honored for it though. I am. Someone recognized me. Took long enough. So thanks again NBC. Travel mugs are on the way.

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