Sunday, January 27, 2008

Amen Matt Lauer

..and the rest of the Today Show cast.

They all raved over MacBook Air. Even Fake Steve caught on. I figured he would.

Note to self, and general public: Watch more Today Show, and praise them when they praise Apple.

I thought I'd share. I think I'm even closer to being employed. I have to pass a drug test for Wal*Mart - cause I guess they think they're the CIA now. Whatever. I'm game. All for iPhone... and a silver 1970 Chevelle, but, you know. Keep it simple. iPhone first.

This is going to be an exciting time.

Wow I sounded like I work for Steve.

I want iPhone. I'm like, almost a year behind the rest of earth. Someone's playing a joke on me. They told everyone within a half hour of my house to not hire me. Odds are they have wanted signs with my face on them behind the counter.

Then again, you wouldn't know. None of you have ever seen me.

So does that mean I don't really exist at all?

Pfft. Of course not. I've made all of your lives better for months now. What would you do without me?

Don't answer that. I know what you're thinking already. A world without me wouldn't be a world at all. I hear ya. That's ok. Uncle Skippy's here, and he's gonna teach you the wonders of hunting.

Let's do this. Cheney-style.

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