Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gene to the Simmons!

Please tell me you watched The Apprentice again tonight.

The Donald's daughter got served by the marketing glam-rock god. Gene told her "she can wait", and apparently that's just not allowed. She became offended.

No, I'm offended by the fact that Donald and his hair can roam the streets. Freely and separately. Do I want to see that? No, not so much. I know he's a genius in the ways of business, and he's filthy rich, to the point where I basically want to just chuck 2 pennies at him, but really. If your last name is Trump, you're just asking to be tested.

So Gene Simmons and his team won again. Thanks in part to Trace Adkins and his voice in the commercial they did as their challenge. Leave it to the music superstars to take care of things. Not the Italian guy, or the wrestler, or even the British guy who no one has heard of. Gene will handle things.

Funny stuff, and to add to it, Stephen Baldwin is calling in brother Alec next week. Holy crap. That's just great. Yes, do give that kind man a ring, Stephen. He may even insult Trump-ess a little more.


Britney Spears is nuts. There's the update. Some things just aren't worth my time.

Sort of like Asus Aura joke phone thing. Have you seen this piece of garbage? I understand it's a fake mockup, but honestly, does the home button have to look like the one on the iPhone, or was that requested by Windoze users?

Ah yes, thought I'd mention - first 2 Apprentice episodes air this Saturday, with a deleted scene in which Gene really tests mini-Trump. Must see. Honestly.


Lynne said...

It's just my opinion, but Gene is rather abrasive, not only to the other team, but his own team mates. I realize he gets a lot done, but there was really no call for his attitude towards blond Trump.

Skippy said...

He is indeed entirely abrasive, but I've gotta say it makes for an interesting show. Next week, leading the women's team, I only hope he makes it out alive.