Thursday, January 3, 2008

Rock On, Business God

Did any of you just watch The Apprentice?

Did any of you hear what went down in the first quarter? Holy hell.

Gene Simmons, I know, is a business mogul, but what he did on this show was just simply great. He got on his phone in the middle of the office, and called up all of his rich business mogul friends to buy $5,000 hot dogs.

Great stuff. Really great stuff.


How's everyone's New Year? Ah 2008. Ah a greener earth and a chance for prosperity. What's that I smell? The oil rigs tearing up Alaskan soil? No. Could it be the scent of failure wafting out of Redmond? As common as it may be that's not it either.

AH YES! It's the sound of voting polls being slammed in favor of anyone who's name doesn't include Walker.

Thank you general public. It honors my name that you choose to not keep a comedian in the oval office. As much as I'd be for bringing in Jim Carey... I don't know if I like this guy taking over.

Then again, it's better than this I suppose.



Let your tongue guide you - that's a good campaign slogan, eh? You decide.

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