Saturday, January 12, 2008

Donate to Skippy

I'm shameless. You know, like that song by Billy Joel? More famously Garth Brooks. Shameless?


Well you can guess what it's about. Today. It inspired me.

I have no shame. Therefore, ergo, in conclusion, and all that other Matrix crap, I have set up the Skippy Donation Fund!

In the right column, right under my About Me, I have provided a Donation button. What this does, is you click on it, you pick a price, and you just donate your spare meager pocket change to yours truly. Do you have to? No. Am I forcing you to? Not too much. Am I a pathetic sod? Absolutely. Do I happen to be jobless? Yes.

My sincerest coldolanses go out to Wal*Mart. I do indeed still want to be hired there. Sorry Sam. You're a great guy. You just happen to have terrible blenders.

Anyway. That's that.

Does it help a worthy deserving cause dedicated to helping animals or curing disease? Not at all, but it does allow my blog to haul ass through cyberspace. I've shown you the love! Why not show love to one of the greatest internet-exclusive legacies in history. In the form of spare change of course.

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