Sunday, January 6, 2008

iMac Touch?

Have you people seen this image? This is by far my favorite of all.

Lately, there has been a lot of speculation around the tech community - namely the Apple Faithful - as to what the world will be treated to when Steve Jese-obs steps out onto the stage at this year's Macworld. Oh, how it seemed like a short time ago that planet earth was treated to the iPhone. Which by the way, I still don't own.

The thing is, everyone knows that Steve will be granting us some sort of thin laptop. There's no doubt. Even if there is some doubt. He's going to change lives again. He needs to work for Light Up A Life. I swear to God he does.

That mockup above, yeah that's the one I'm gunning for. The principle is that it is a tablet-like touch screen... thing, and it slides into an iMac-like dock. The whole thing then basically converts to a desktop-like iMac-like touch-like thing, and I probably just confused the hell out of you.


Tablet pops into a dock that looks like an iMac, and while it's there, it charges for future portable use, as well as the fact that you can use it as a desktop with a standard Apple keyboard and mouse.

Then there are some things like this which just look like big iPhones, then there's this that look just like MacBooks, but with a huge trackpad for multi-touch functionality, and then there are things like this that are just optional if you want to stand out and look like the biggest egomaniac in your city.

Personally, I'd like a touch tablet type of thing. A 10 inch iPhone would be great. Especially if it plugged in to a 20 inch iMac-dock.

Speculation is great stuff. This is what Steve does best. He gets up our hope so much for an item, that we start going insane over 5 dozen fake mockups that are collectively little pieces of a product that he somehow makes us need even if there's no fesable way that we would go out and buy it. There's still some sort of spontaneous interest in the product for some random reason.

Which explains why I'm basically poor and want an iPhone. Which also reminds me, for some reason, that I have some things to get to on eBay. Some insanely great products. Some really great... Ok I'll stop. I'm looking for a Green Day EP. That I've only found from a seller in Britain. Of course. My friendly folks from across the pond come through for me again. Thanks, my fellow scone lovers!

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