Friday, January 4, 2008

Rock On, Current Late Night Talk Show Ruler

Jay Leno is possibly even funnier sans-writers. I'm still with him though on the 'I hope this strike can be resolved soon' deal. I do hope that it comes out good for both sides, because honestly, I'm sick to death of reality shows.

I have enough reality, you know? Like I need someone else's. Much less, some rich person's reality.

What happened to music videos on basic cable? MTV? HA! Vh1 is good for Hulk Hogan, but that's about it. CMT as turned into a Blue Collar Comedy paradise, with a lot less music. I just want good TV. That, or none at all would be even better. This is why we have eBay and YouTube. I swear to God it is.

As I deeply sigh, I admit I need them sleeps, yo. So guh'night.

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